Chain lubrication

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Chains are used in many industry areas for power transmission or transport purposes. To reduce the wear at chain links, and thus increase the service life, they generally require lubrication. Reliable chain lubrication also reduces premature chain failure and minimises repair costs.

Chain lubrication can be carried out in various ways. Reliable lubrication systems are as automatic. Manual lubrication is done by brush, spray or precisely.
Chain lubrication systems:

Pinpoint accuracy, effectively and without contact.

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Squirt lubrication Spray lubrication Contact lubricant application

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Chains in general and chains for escalator in particular have to constantly provide maximum performance. Therefore, optimal chain lubricants need to ensure that chains run smoothly in order to reduce the need for maintenance.

Properties of lubricants for optimum chain lubrication:
  • excellent penetrating and lubricating properties
  • pressure stability and thermal stability
  • temperature resistance
  • great creeping properties
  • superior surface wetting, repelling water and forming a protective film
  • reduced wear
  • protection against corrosion
  • no dripping and throwing of
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Drive chain lubrication system for on-deck helicopter at high sea. .

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  • Corrosion resistant
  • no dripping
  • biodegradable.
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