Spindle lubrication

The friction surfaces of spindle nuts and spindles are finely ground during their manufacture in order to keepss as low as possible. The greater the rou their roughneghness, the greater will be the wear when under large pressure. Other negative effects are overheating, seizing and the heavy development of noise.
With many products, the solid content is too low, and they are therefore unable to retain their position on the ground surfaces.
IGRALUB offers products with a high solid content that also adhere at extremely high pressure and great heat, and thereby massively reduce wear.

PasteLub®10/12          Art. Nr. 2113

is a separator and lubricant on a metallic basis that has been developed following the latest findings in tribology. Anti-oxidation additives with wear-reducing inhibitors provide an excellent long-term protection against seizure, corrosion and over-heating.


HeadLub®                   Art. Nr. 1113

are high pressure lubricant compounds that contain selective, chemically treated solid lubricants. Through their affinity (inclination) and polar carrier-media, surface smoothing arises on the metal surfaces.

These products have the following effects:
  • wear reduction
  • high pressure absorption
  • no overheating
  • no seizing
  • noise reduction
  • easily degradable in accordance with OECD 301 B tl_files/Bilder/Bio -Rahmen.jpg

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A precise, economic and safe application of the products can be achieved with the hand application gun from Rebs (designation HSDP 1).
The cartridge is filled with 400 g. of product.
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