Switch lubrication

The lubricant plays an important role in the faultless functioning of the switch!
Switch lubrication is manual work. Since the labor costs for the application of the lubricant are in most cases considerably higher than the costs of the lubricant, long re-lubrication intervals are one of the most important requirements placed upon the lubricant.
With SwitchLub, IGRALUB has developed a high-performance switch lubricant, which is a combination of chemically treated solid lubricants and a solvent-free, synthetic base.
For the reliable functioning of the switches!
SwitchLub 60/09 is liquid and can be conveniently applied with the Special Back-Injector.
Properties and advantages:
  • Reduction of the arising sliding friction between stretcher bar and tongue of switch
  • Already upon small dosing, a strong adhering lubricating and adhesion-preventing film forms between the friction sections
  • stability at extreme pressure and heat stress
  • extends the lubrication intervals
  • lasting protection against wear and corrosion
  • guaranteed consistent function from -40°C  to +180°C
  • prevents icing and can be applied up to -25°Cguarantees a constant lubrication
  • biodegradable – easily degradable according to OECD 301 B  tl_files/Bilder/Bio -Rahmen.jpg