Prevent brake squeal at rail vehicles - we have the solution!

Many rail- and street cars are equipped with disk brakes. These brake disks cause squeaking noises and are therefore severely noise polluting.
Disk brakes are exposed to the intrusion of moisture and dirt without protection. That has the result that the regular brake performance is being strongly impaired.

The problem can be solved. The lubricant must contain a high quantity of solids in order to level the porous surface of the brake discs. This increases the braking effect, prevents squeaking and extends the life of the brake discs.


IGRALUB has with Silencer® Brake Service Spray the perfect product!


The product is being pressed into the pores of the metallic surface as a result of the mechanical movement of the parts, the recesses are filled and the treated surface enlarged. The resulting coating offers excellent protection against the intrusion of water, dirt and salt.

Additional properties:
  • eliminates squeaking
  • increases braking safety
  • Unevenness is being levelled out
  • irregular wear of the brakes is being prevented
  • extends the life span of the brake disks
  • biodegradable – easily degradable, tested accordance with OECD 301 B tl_files/Bilder/Bio -Rahmen.jpg


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