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Strukton Rail

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Article of
"Targeted wheel and track treatment prevents noise at track curves."

Curve squealing at Garden Railways

John Strommer has solved the squealing problem of his garden railway.
In his website he describes the theme and proves the success of a video.

tl_files/Diverse Bilder/Tropfen.png here is the Railhead conditioning

Tribune de Genève

Success at the Trams in Geneva against curve squeal.

Report at the "Tribune de Genève":
Success of TPG Transports Publics Genevois against curve squeal of trams.

Here is the article:

Two small nozzles deliver the lubricant. The device is discreet, but seems effective. (photo TPG)
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IGRALUB rail management!

Modified "Cabrio-Tram“ becomes increasingly popular among Prague population.

A special rail head-conditioning-installation has been integrated into the "Cabrio-Tram“ in order to relieve the city from the rail-squealing noises. As a result, trams now circulate almost silently through Prague.

The project was successfully done by the IGRALUB Group togehter with its Czech partner company Sklenar. 

The result already impressed many residents and vacationers.
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Czech Raildays Ostrava

Sklenář s.r.o.

Sklenář s.r.o. presented at the Czech Rail Days in Ostrava IGRALUB know-how.

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3sat television program

3sat television program

FHS Förder- und Hebesysteme

FHS Förder- und Hebesysteme used SynthLub K

Letter of reference and flyer from FHS