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SyntLub ® K
Lubricant for the maintenance of chains and wire ropes
SyntLub K is a synthetic lubricant that forms a transparent protective film and is effective in a temperature range from -45°C to +160°C.
SyntLub ® 2062
High-tech lubricant for chains
SyntLub 2062 was developed for the lubrication of the small parts of chains, such as rollers, pins, bushes and side plates. It is also recommended for use with drive chains, conveyor chains and rollers.
PasteLub ® 10/12
Fitting and release paste
PasteLub 10/12 is a anti-seizure and lubrication agent in a metallic basis developed according to the latest finding in tribology, which operates at temperatures from -180° to 1'200°C. Deutsche Bahn Material number: SAP 744132
PasteLub ® R
Strongly adhesive special lubricant
It considerably reduces the friction losses and the material wear that arise during extreme pressure loading. Excellent long-term protection against seizure and corrosion. It is also very suitable for buffers and rolling mill pins. Deutsche Bahn Material number: SAP 744 132
Wheel flange fluid grease for crane tracks and wheels
GearLub reduces the roll and slide friction between the wheels and the track that occurs under extreme pressure loadings. The wear is significantly reduced.
Lubricant for open gears and crown gears
Gear - RackLub is a combination of chemically treated solid lubricants and a solvent-free, synthetic carrier agent. It reduces the roll and slide friction between the gear wheels that occurs under extreme pressure loading and considerably reduces their wear.
Silencer ®
Brake Service Spray
High-performance compound on a metallic basis for disc and drum brakes, eliminates the brake squealing without impairing the braking effect.
HT PU 680
Water resistant high temperature lubricating grease
HT PU 680 is a high temperature lubrication grease with synergistic action of EP additives. DB Material Number: SAP 815846.
CeramLub ® 35 purple
High-temperature ceramic paste for brake systems Fitting and release paste
CeramLub purple contains more than30% of solid lubricants on a ceramic basis, which prevent tribo-corrosion and produce an excellent release effect up to 1'600°C.
CeramLub ® 2kdd
Two-chamber pressure can with brush adapter
High temperature ceramic paste for brake systems.Fitting and release paste.